I recently started using Application Uploader and at first I’d been struck by how slow it was to upload the packages, and by the high rate of failures due to timeout that I got.

At first I thought it was because of the poor connection I have, but it turned out to be a problem with Application Uploader itself!

Apparently the DAV transfer protocol creates issues, so it needs to be disabled in the Settings > Advanced panel.

Application Uploader Advanced Settings

But what are those protocols anyway?

My intention for this post was to have a paragraph per protocol and describe them, but the information I could find about them was very little 😳. As far as I can see Signiant and Aspera are two proprietary secure transport protocols, the latter being property of IBM, while DAV, or WebDAV, is open.

Food for thought

  • Where can we find more information about these transfer protocols?
  • Why DAV creates issues
  • Is DAV actually the same thing as WebDAV?
  • Are there other similar protocols?